Park, Shin-ae


Park, Shin-ae: She contributed independence funds through Hawaii Patriotic Women’s League.

She came to America as a picture bride in 1889. His major contribution started when she was actively involved in financially assisting the Provisional Government in Shanghai particularly when she personally received a letter from Kim Goo. She started a major campaign to collect the needed independence funds through her Hawaii Patriotic Women’s League and her fund raising increased when the Sino-Japan War erupted in 1937. All six local organizations rallied around to raise the necessary funds for the Provisional Government in China. These organizations also made a resolution that it was a pivotal time  for  them to unite for Korean national independence by instilling the Korean national spirit. She died  in 1979.  In 1997, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for her contribution to Korean independence.