Lee, Hee-kyung Kwon


Lee, Hee-kyung Kwon: She continuously provided independence funds through Young Nam Women’s Association.

In 1918, she took her first daughter to Korea to participate the March First Independence Movement and returned to Hawaii in 1921 to help organize the women’s organizations. She was active in providing financial help to the families of the patriots. However, she quickly broke away when Syngman Rhee spoke Lee, Geug-ro who received a Ph.D in Europe stopped by to speak on Korean language in contempt. Thereafter, she kept collecting independence funds and forwarded as a member of the Korean National Association with several hundred dollars from the early 1940s and on. Her husband is Kwon, Do-in. In 2002, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her with the National Foundation Commendation for her service for Korean independence.




▲ Kwon, Do-in, husband was engaged in bamboo crafts (1959s).

▲ Lee, Hee-kyung Kwon (left) after serving prison time in Seoul for participation in the March First Movement.