Kwak, Lim-dae


Kwak, Lim-dae He campaigned for Korean independence in America and returned back to Korea.

Born in Hwang-hae province in North Korea, he studied at Soong-sil College. He had a life full of viscissitude. After school, his stint included a school teacher in 1909. However, in 1911, he was falsely implicated in an attempted trumped-up “105 Plot” to assassinate the Japanese Governor at the time and taken into custody. Later, the court held him to be not guilty and was released. Upon release in 1914, he came to the United States and he immediately joined Hung Sa Dahn by Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. He hugely respected Dosan and served in many important positions. His membership number 37.  In 1920, he joined the flight training school under General Rho, Baik-lin and Kim, Jong- rim. He even enrolled a private military academy in Kentucky to fulfill Korean independence. He was actively involved in many activities in Korean independence movement and organizations. His wife’s family is closely related with martyr Ahn, Joong-geun who assassinated Ito Hirobumi. in Harbin, China, the kingpin enemy of Koreans. When Kwak turned 86 years old, he returned to South Korea in 1970 to reside there permanently and he passed away in 1971. In 1993, the South Korean government posthumously recognized his unwavering efforts toward Korean independence with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotism Award.