Kim, Ja-hae


Kim, Ja-hae: She was a woman activist, and spearheaded Korean independence by boycotting Japanese products: “Don’t buy Jap soy sauce!”

She came to America with her seven year daughter and husband in San Francisco in 1912. She moved around from Lompoc, Sacramento and Oakland. She assumed the position as the director of the Korean Women’s Patriotic League in 1919. She urged Koreans to save to lay a solid foundation for the Korean society. She bravely put an advertisement in Shinhan Minbo: “Don’t buy Jap soy sauce!” She urged the Koreans to boycott. She had an enormous respect and adoration for Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. In fact, her daughter, JoAnne, married Dosan’s cousin, Ahn, Young-ho becoming in-laws by marriage. In 2014, the South Korean government posthumously recognized her with the National Foundation Award for her efforts and contribution toward Korean independence.