Kang, Young-gak (the Last Son)


Kang, Young-gak (the Last Son) He had a resolute idea of patriotism.

He was born as the youngest son in 1897 and he followed his father to Hawaii. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1912. He majored in English at Pomona College. He was skillful in musical instruments. Upon his graduation from college, he returned to Hawaii in 1920 to open a semi- monthly publication The Young Korean Academy. He joined  Hung Sa Dahn in 1931 with a membership #261. He was a fierce nationalist in Korean independence movement when he authored an article in Shin Han Minbo on September 17, 1931: “I have two resolves: One. I will do whatever I can for Korean independence with all my heart and might. Two. I will sacrifice my ability and every resource for the great cause of the Korean National Association.” He was engaged in the printing business in Honolulu as he was actively involved in Korean National Association activities by collecting huge sums of funds for the Korean independence movement   along with organizations involved with Provisional Government in Shanghai.  When Ahn Chang Ho was arrested, he was hugely involved in the movement to have him released. He passed away at the age of 51 by heart disease in 1946. His family of wife, two sons and a daughter reside in Irvine, Southern California. In 1997, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with his efforts with the National Foundation Commendation for instilling Korean independence movement with the Koreans living in America and unwavering sacrifice to release Ahn Chang Ho from prison.