Choy, Bong-youn


Choy, Bong-youn: He was actively involved in the California State Guard and the United Korean Committee in America.

He came to America to study on April 29, 1938. His first night was staying at Hung Sa Dahn office. He studied and earned his M.A. in the political science and sociology at the L.A. City College, Later, he obtained his M.A. and prepared his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley. He finished his Ph.D. at World University. He was involved in the California State Guard to fight against Japan and to expedite the Korean independence movement. He was participating in the historical Tiger Units parade in Los Angeles. After the March First Independence Movement, he collected the sum of $200,000 and donated to the Provisional Government and the Korean National Association for the cause of Korean independence. He authored books titled “Koreans in America, “ and “Korea. A history.” In 1995, the South Korean government posthumously recognized him with the Order of Merit of National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for his contribution to the Korean independence movement.




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