Chang, Kyung


Chang, Kyung: He was secretary-general for Chin Mok Hoe and Dae Dong Gyo Yook Hoe.

In collaboration with Ahn Chang Ho and David Lee, he organized the Chin Mok Hoe, the fore- runner of any Korean friendship organization ever in San Francisco with a view to fellowship among Koreans and improve the lives of the Korean community. When Japan annexed Korean sovereignty in November of 1905, they organized such political organizations. He was elected as  secretary-general to  assist Korean students coming to America, by enlightening them and providing them with a job. In 1907, he re-organized the existing group into Dae Dong Bo Gook Hoe in San Francisco. He published Dae Dong Gong Bo to imbue Korean national identity and spirit of Koreans to regain the lost sovereignty from Japan.  In 1995, the South Korean government posthumously  recognized him with the Order of  Merit  of  National Foundation / Patriotic People Award for his organizational contribution to the Korean independence movement.