최은희 Eunhee Choi 崔恩喜


현직: Chief Librarian, Illinois Dept. of Employment
Security / International Asso. of Workforce Professional’s Co-Liaison to the Republic of Korea Chapter, IAWP
출생지: 서울
미국에 온 연도: 1967
Tel: (312)793-6202 Cell: (312)286-8802
Fax: (312)793-6292
E-mail: /
주소: Illinois Dept. of Employment Security / Law and Reference Library
33 S. State St., Chicago, IL 60603
학력: 1971 시카고대학 Library Science MA / 1969 Central Michigan Univ / 1965 이화여대 영문과 / 1961 이화여고 졸업
경력: 1969-1970 School Librarian, Corunna School Distict, Corunna, Michigan / 1973-1975 Assistant Librarian, Beatrice Foods Corporation, Chicago, Illinois/ 1976-1979 Chief Librarian, Environmental Information Center, Illinois Institute for Environmental Quality, Chicago, Illinois / 1980-present Chief Librarian, Illinois Department of Employment Security, Chicago, Illinois / 2004-2007 International Development Chair, Illinois Chaper, IAWP / 2007 IAWP 한국지회 창설 완료
수상: IAWP 국제개발세계지회 경쟁 개인부분 1등상 수상 Cho, 국제변호사 / 차